Not working push notification on Samsung devices

Kristián Vojčík 5 years ago in bOS Client updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 5 years ago 7

Hello. Have anybody not working push notification and play sound on Samsung device? I am having issue not receiving push notification. I already try phone restart, clear cache, reinstall app, chceck notification is allowed on phone, clear app data, renew bOS config. In my case push notification is working on iOS devices and other Android devices. Just Samsung phone have issue. Please let me know if somebody have similar issue or if you had and found fix. Thanks.


I think the fix for that is, that you need to delete the device from bOS users list and then just reconnect the device to it. Then it will get a new token. Usually this helps.

Hi. I try that too but no luck. And also tts is working but push notification not.

Is the device connected to bOS though? As the app does not have a auto login function right now, you need to go online before it can receive push notifications. And enable Push needs to be True.

You could also try to reload the bOS server. Its in the upper right corner in the configurator . But if other phones are working then it may not help. 

I just noticed that my oneplus 6 does not receive notifications either on 1 bOS install, but TTS works... And on my home bOS it again works, what version bOS are you using? The one that does not work for me is still on 4.4.4. but at home i have the latest update and this somehow works.  

I have issue on last I think 4.5.14 it is. But it is strange all iOS devices works and android too but Samsung ones dont. 

Yep this is strange, i guess you will need to wait for Comfortclicks answer, I know they are working on fixing this token update problem.