Events and Logs

Artyom Hiisku 5 years ago in bOS Configurator updated 5 years ago 2

Hello CC team!

We have an order from our customer to make a schedule that shows when was the door last time opened/closed and which user did this. So Opening/Closing doors and information DateTime/User. We did it as logs, but we want them to move to Themes and Hide from normal Users, access must have for example Admin only and the question is, if it is possible to show like a schedule and hide from normal users.


Admin can do this from configurator, by checking the user tab under logs. This shows the user who opened/closed the door. 

But i dont think logs with users can be moved to a theme like that. It would be a nice feature though. 

You also could do a event/alert log with message that would send it to the admin only. So he gets a event/alert to the bOS app when to door is triggered. Not sure how to display the user though.

Thank you, we will try!