Various bugs after updating to 4.50

Pascal Platteel 5 years ago in bOS Server updated 5 years ago 2

4.50 is a very unstable update with lots of bugs.

- Many function not found errors when accessing various items on the server, like setting the right region (which was reset to default value again by the update) or checking network settings (that was also changed to default settings with the update)

- Can't set time zone (error calling function)

- Can't change network settings (error calling function)

- Viewing logfiles generates multiple errors calling function messages

- Adding new weather crashes BOS server

- Error icons in some tasks for no apparent reason.

- bOS Server crashes often, especialy when working from bOS Configurator (adding a task or node will crash bOS)

- Unable to add a trigger in a program (under tasks), adding will crash the interface with object not set to a reference error!

- Trying to add a trigger in a program with Condition set to ValueChanged (OnChange) will result in error 'Field value was not set' and not adding the trigger!

- Can not copy-past. It results in error message 'Error copying data from the clipboard, reference not set to instance of an object'

- When connecting with bOS Client (windows or iOS), continious connection error about 'Can not connect with this profile. Profile key does not match the server key. Possible security violation. Do you want to proceed anyway?'

- and many many many more bugs.

To bad I updated to a buggy version of bOS server...

When can we expect a stable update from 4.5?

Di you try to repair or reinstall the server already ? Had similar issue after installing one of the very first beta version and could fix them after reinstalling all from scratch.

Still few issue exist, but nothing that makes bOS unusable for me. All are cosmetic error and unnoticeable during normal use (can only be seen in the configurator).

Hope it will fix yours.

Yes, I reinstalled the bOS server. But now an other serious problem comes agross. No way to restore a backup. Because another Unhandled exception error was thrown. The Backup created with 4.5 is not a valid ZIP file!!! So restore is not possible.

This version is very unstable. Even a fresh installed server results in many errors. I am migrating back to the previous version.

I don't care about the cosmetic errors. But 4.5 is unusable for me!