bOS phone streaming

Christiaens Filip 8 years ago in General updated 8 years ago 5


I like the bOS phone app because it is simple and only intended to serve as a doorphone.

I think I have set up everything correctly. When I make a call to my doorphone, audio and video using MJPEG work fine. Also from comfortclick I can stream MJPEG to every device.

However when the doorphone calls bOS phone on my android phone, only audio is available. The sip user shown on top is the same as when I make the call (with video) to the doorphone (100 comfirmed). Doorphone is registered as '100' in asterisk server.

Any ideas?


could you check if Contact URI is in format sip:contactID@your.server.address?

Yes, it is.


I can call it from the bOS phone. It auto picks up and I have audio and video stream.

The incomming call does not recognize the contact. I changed the contact name to doorbell.

When I start a call from the doorphone it says 100 confirmed, not doorbell confirmed.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my doorbell and asterisk are on the same machine. Therefore I had to set the SIP local port of the doorbell to 5061. So in asterisk the contact URl is sip:100@192.168.x.x:5061


I installed asterisk on a different server so I could set the port of the doorphone sip client back to 5060.

Now bOS phone recognizes the contact URl and the video stream is started.