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server repair --> Grinder not answering anymore

Francois Lesueur 5 years ago in bOS Server updated by ComfortClick Support 5 years ago 6


I had to do a "server repair" on Grinder. 

Ended up with a dead black box : couldn't connect either to bOS, nor to Windows (remotely). 

I had to find a screen and a keyboard, to hook them up to the Grinder, and then I understood the issue : Windows was requesting the password to be changed, and it just blocked everything.

So, issue fixed. But I though it was important to write a post about it : 

- so that if you face the same problem you can easily fix it

- so that the ComfortClick people can make the black box a real black box you never have to worry about, as this was sold to me when I bought reluctantly a Windows box...


In fact, I have to agree with you, even though I always knew that bOS is a piece of software running on top of Windows / Linux (Grinder / Jigsaw). Actually bOS was never sold to me as a black box, but rather as a combo device (software + device running a Windows OS). And for me as an installer, I was aware of future precautions to be taken into account, with possible break downs on the Windows.

A few years ago, I was completely reluctant on buying any solution for the industry based on Windows. First because I had pretty bad issues with some lousy manufacturers, and second because of the reliability of Windows OS.

That changed a few years later, because Windows became a whole lot more stable. bOS is actually running Windows 10 IOT also know as Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB, which is a full Windows 10 version with some kind of steroids for a special performance. And to be honest, I'm a proud user of Windows 10 in several devices, with ZERO problems since it's launch.

But let's face it, Windows 10 is Windows after all. And sometimes things like can happen. Despite of bOS being a simple software, in fact it must be considered as a complex combo (software + device), and it should be treated with regular maintenance by professionals. You were lucky because you are a tech savvy guy, and you figured out the solution, otherwise you would probably need to call the installer.

That's why this forum is actually a great tool for us to share ideas, problems and solutions.

Probably in the future bOS would embrace Linux 100%, like on Jigsaw, as an operating system that's more open for customization, to prevent forced updates like Microsoft, etc.

Best regards

Hi Ricardo,

I agree, Windows 10 IOT is very stable. Never had any issues. 

I will have to do a server repair on my Jigsaw devices as well, and I'm a bit more nervous as I believe I do not have any access to Linux on the Jigsaw. 

Hopefully, I won't have Windows-like issues. 

Another issue I have with these servers is that in case one breaks down - which can always happen event with the best hardware - I cannot immediately transfer the configuration on a bOS demo server on a Windows laptop because of licensing issues : bOS wouldn't let me run the configuration, even in demo mode with the warning message on the bOS clients. So, I have to ask ComfortClick folks to give me a temporary license. They often respond quickly but in case this happens over the week-end I would have to wait. 

I find this is a shame as that would be a good emergency temporary solution. 



Hi Guys,

I fully agree with all the above

Onmy side too, very stable and robust solution compared to other ones I've tried in the past. To make my life easier and avoid looking around for a screen, keyboard and more when required, I've installed and use "AnyDesk" on my Grinder. Very handy, simple to use, and free of charge for personnal use. "Teamviewer" is another alternative... Hope this helps.


I agree with the licencing issue Francois. That's a great discussion theme for ComfortClick team.

If something happens, on a weekend, at the end of the day, if a Grinder device plays dead, etc, there's no easy way to transfer the license to another device to assure a minimum system breakdown. And we can be several hours waiting for support.

Let's not forget, that after all some installations do have complex logic running on bOS, or important tasks. So a system breakdown is a stab in the back of the installer. In the costumer point of view, it may led to a "what a crappy system" opinion, even though what happened is just as simple as a Windows rebooting and asking to change the password for example.

And also there's the non expected issues that no one can predict. I had a Grinder, that wouldn't even turn on, fresh out of the box. And it was as simple as an electrostatic discharge, so I had to remove the RAM module and put if back on the Grinder motherboard. Everything can happen with every electronic devices.

So I leave the note for bOS team to think about future licencing schemes. Probably to find a way to transfer the licence to another device, deleting the old register, so that the full licence (as bought originally) can be ready to use as a temporary solution for the costumer if something happens.

Fabien: you can also just use the Windows remote desktop app, that comes with every Windows. I use it for remote maintenance. But it needs to do some port forwarding on the costumers ISP router.

Best regards

Hi Ricardo,

Hope your are doing well.

Correct but it depends on your Win 10 version as there are limitations on the Family one. Also, for people not so computer freak, no need to setup your router and easier to use to transfer file (i.e.).

Personally, I use both, pending my needs.


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thank you all for your suggestions and findings. We'll take these suggestions into consideration regarding the licensing and license transfer.

Thank you and best regards.