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Graphic spikes when bOS makes a backup

Jürgen Jürgenson 5 years ago in bOS Server updated 5 years ago 16

Hey clickers,

I'm having a weird problem again, Our client demanded graphics for every meter (C/H water, electricity and for the whole building ventilation system) and i noticed that when we did a backup of the bOS configuration or the server did a restart, we got weird spikes in graphics that sometimes where lower values and some were higher values. The water and electricity info is collected and readout by Anybus mbus to modbus and the ventilation values are collected with usb modbus dongle. Pic below has a week view but actually the value rises again after the server get the correct value again from Anybus.

Lower value spike, goes back to normal after 15min.

Higher value spike, goes back to normal after 15min

The thing is that I've been watching the raw logs from Anybus and these spikes don't come from Anybus... And when i look at the database files I see that right after the bOS server comes up it writes a unknown value and 15minutes(thats the update time of Anybus) later it will update it to the correct one. How to get rid of them spikes and where to they come from? And as you see from the picture the spikes are random not every meter is affected by it. I now have corrected the value spikes manually.

Under review


thank you for reporting this issue. We will look into this problem and try to see what's causing the issue and try to resolve it as soon as possible. Thank you for your detailed report and provided print screens as it will definitely make our job easier.

Best regards.

Update: So it happened again, this time i haven't done any backups, the server has been online(no restarts) and its the only meter that did this. We also tested the water flow and the meter is not counting backwards.

Pic from the graphic db: yesterday 18.03.19 it counted backwards. 

Pic from the water meter: 

Pic from Anybus: Sees the correct value

I don't know what's causing it.


could we schedule a teamviewer session and check this issue and see what may be causing it?

Best regards.

Yes we can, but as this server(Running on a NUC) is temporary right now, we don't have a monitor on it so the resolution is small.  Still waiting for the server to arrive. 

As a update we had another spike last night. For apartment 36 hot water meter.


So on friday we changed the server.  

Now i noticed this error  "Debug : 25/03/2019 12:04:24 : Devices\ANYBUS MAJA 4 : Exception : Debug : Package error 15: Unknown error code: 255"

Any idea what is this? 

Problem is that some graphics wont update its value, even though Anybus sees the correct value. And even when i manually read and write values it wont update graphic. I have rechecked the input value linking etc, everything seems to be correct. So far affected graphics are only for water meters and for 4 apartments, electricity and heating seem to update fine. 

Edit: Turns out i was wrong. Graphics will update when i manually update them with a higher value. Its wont update for some reason when the value is same but date is different. 


did you also try removing the graph completely and make a new one and see if we get the values?

Best regards.

No im slowly giving up on making the graphics work. I now noticed that some electricity values are also incorrect in bOS, but they are correct in anybus. When meter has a value 280441kwh and anybus sees the same value then bOS is giving me 278921 and this value is not updating anymore for few days( mby since the server change). Now i know it used to work just fine because we have checked these values many times now. I tried to do a server repair but that didnt help. 
From the picture you can see that upper left is from Anybus, middle is bOS and on the right is modbus master simulator that i used to get the right values. Ive rechecked all the settings although i havent changed a thing.

Are these settings even correct?  

Its weird that apartment el. meters are showing correct values, same as anybus sees them, and they are on the same gateway, but some common building meters are displaying out dated values. I didn't have this problem before we changed the server I compared the meter values 3 times for the whole building and everything was correct.

And bOS repair didn't fix this issue. Note that anybus gives a register number 20(integer) for the correct value, but i had to  set it as reg nr 25(float) for bOS. 


Big thanks to Comfortclicks support, thanks to them we got meter values fixed. Problem was with the low word first setting that i had overlooked, it thought i tested it but yeah... i'm no modbus master so i learn new things every day. Its really weird to me that i got realistic values even tho i had wrong settings, so if the meter value was high then the modbus returned lower values, when the meter value was low it displayed correct values.

I now cleared some graphics and will check if these spikes return or not.


So far there have been no new spikes in graphics, I corrected some more errors I have made in my config for water meters too. And when i did a backup all seemed fine after it. Haven't tested server restart or reload yet.

Best regards

So hey its me again and sadly it happened again.

It happened to ~10 meters most of the spikes happened on 3.04.19

I did fix all the graphics on 2.03.19 so day after the fix they returned... The server has been online all this time, no restart no backups after 2.03.19. 

Apartment 37 el.day t2

Apartment 37 el.day t1

Same apartment but the value spike is on 5:31 and 1:46. Returns to normal.

Some more examples 

Apartment 10 hot w

Apartment 32 heating

Apartment 38 el.night

I will leave the DB's as is right now. And will check next week if there's any new spikes.


there could be an issue with anybus as well, maybe bOS receives this values and displays it from there. Are there any logs available in anybus as well so we can check if these spikes happen there as well?

Best regards.

Yep I have the raw log active in anybus, also I have sent these log to anybus support so they can check them, they told me that the logs look ok. 
Here are the raw logs for building 3 for 3.04.19 and 4.04.19 on that day there were most spikes. example 03.04.19 4:11:52 address 24 and 14 on slave 13

I personally don't know how to convert this raw log for humans to read.

Same spikes happens for fibaro plug at my home server, otherwise it updates the values correctly and you can't see the spikes in the graphics log nor in the months view, but if you select days view you can see them.

Example month view looks fine

Days view

Here is the log itself and it looks correct to me, no spikes in the numbers, but the graph still has them.Analog Log.db

Edit: only difference i see is that with the fibaro plug i cant see the spikes in hour view, but with anybus/mbus meters i can see the spikes in log and with hour view.


could you please send the configuration (where you have modbus issues with spikes) to david.boben@comfortclick.com and we'll take a closer look again at the issue. Later we can also schedule a live access to the live configuration again and check everything with our dev team.

Best regards,


I sent a email with the config and access info.

i forgot to add info about the last spikes i noticed:

Anybus maja 1:

Krt 10 Soe

Krt 11 Soe

Anybus maja 2

Krt 16 Soe

Anybus maja 3:

Krt 32 Küte

Krt 35 Elekter both night and day

Krt 37 elekter both night and day

Krt 38 Elekter night

Anybus maja 4:

Krt 44 Soe

Krt 46 Küte

Best regards