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problem connecting to bOS client by IOS devices

DiLight-Smart Solution Ltd DiL 5 years ago in bOS Client updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 5 years ago 4

Hello, our customer face inability to connect to the bOS client by IOS devices (IPAD and iphone) from several devices. it used to work and now doesnt work at all. 433 is open and we have no problem to connect from any place with any devices.

if he connect by web page it works fine.

i have the feeling that this is something with the IOS device, something that relate to issue with the configuration of the device.

does anyone face such an issue? any suggestion?

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All working fine for me on both 1 iPad 2 running on iOS 9 and 1 iPhone 6s running on iOS 12 via wifi and 4G connections.

Did it stop suddenly ? how is the connection done (wifi or network)?


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could be an issue with the device's token. In your Users menu in your configurator, try finding that device and removing it. On your iOS device, try re-adding the controller again with correct credentials and try connecting again.

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many thank. 

Fabien,  yes, it used to work, connection are via WiFi and network. 

i will try to make the suggestion above and hopefully it will make the improvement.

BTW- do you know what are the correct credentials should be?


By correct credentials he means the user name and password you have setup for the user must be correct. 

When you delete the device under users, and relogin with the correct user and password it will ask you to confirm the servers certificate. Just click OK and that's it.