2 bOS servers on the same public IP address

Francois Lesueur 5 years ago in bOS Server updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 5 years ago 3


I have 2 Jigsaw servers on the same ADSL link, hence the same public IP address, which each Jigsaw server has its own local IP address. 

Then I cannot forward port 443 from the public address to both local IP address : I can only control remotely one of the servers but not the two of them. 

What set-up would allow me to control both ? Can I change the 443 port on the ComfortClick web page when registering the server ? 

Please keep in mind that I'm on Jigsaw, not on Windows ; so, I don't have access to the system and I cannot edit the default port as it is possible on Windows. 



You can change the default port in bOS Server folder -> Settings.txt. 

Or you could do it from your routers port forwarding. Leave one public port to 443 and change the other to what you want.


Thank you for your answer Jürgen. 

Is port forwarding on my router enough ? Or do I have to do both the port forwarding and the Settings.txt modification ? 

And then how can I edit the Settings.txt file as I'm on a Jigsaw, not on Grinder / Windows ? 



I missed that you had a Jigsaw, I'm not sure where you can change the port in it. On windows version its located in the Settings.txt file.

I would leave the local port as is, if you are planing to change the public port in the router anyway. So it should work if you make two port forwarding example 1) Local: 443 IP:Jigsaw 1 Public: 7443 2) Local: 443 IP: Jigsaw 2 Public: 8443