Script error on main page

Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 5 years ago in bOS Configurator updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 5 years ago 2

Help!!! :S

I was doing some changes on the main page of a bOS, with some booleans coming from a solar panel API, and for some reason something happened, and the main page is now showing a black screen, and showing script errors everytime I press anywhere, both on the Configurator and clients...

The other pages are working, but the main one is "dead".

I have a backup, but I'll loose several hours of work.

Any tips on how to recover this?


Best regards

I had to take the longest route, and redo the main page. I was able to import a few things from a previous backup.

What happened is that was placing some double values on the main page, coming from an http device (a solar system). I was messing with the decimal point, and suddenly the page crashed and started showing script errors (the typical ones in an internet explorer style).

So my main page was completely wrecked. I wasn't able to open the page on the configurator and on the clients. The other pages were working fine...

I was lucky enough to have some stuff in an old backup. But it was very annoying.

Has anyone had a similar problem?

I've had similar problem when testing large sized gif's. Usually the pc's client is first to have problems, like it runs out of memory. But here's the weird part I noticed if I move the buttons around quickly before it crashes it works again like normal with bOS configurator. Anyways it's best to test things on a empty theme, then move the working parts on the main theme if its working as it should imo.