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Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 5 years ago in bOS Client updated 5 years ago 2


In a recent installation, I'm facing a weird problem, that occurs randomly. Some of the UI controls / labels are not being live updated while staying on the page.

Let me explain:

For example, in a certain page, I have several heating controls, temperature labels, setpoint, and the valves status.

I've noticed, that sometimes I turn on or off some random heating zones (turn on or off the room thermostat), and the valves turn on or off, but sometimes the valve status icons are not updated (but they are being updated on the BUS, as I can see them on ETS). So it's like, a status is true on ETS, and the icon shows as false on bOS.

But if I click on the that page menu link, like I'm entering again on the page, then the valve icons now show with the correct status. This only happens from the bOS side, and in random icons.

I've restarted the server, but nothing changed.

Anyone with something similar?

Best regards

Hi Ricardo,

Happy new year, and all the best ! 

The only occasion I'm facing similar issue is while programming. It happened in the past that the changes made did  create some sort of issues triggering this behaviour but it always came back to normal operation after restarting the server. Only once I had to reinstall it completely from scratch as it didn't come back to normal, even after sever restart. This was however with an older version of the server and never reoccured ever since.

Is your server connected in both WIFI and LAN ? I have sometime slight connection unstability when both are activated at the same time... Personnaly, I always make sure the WIFI is manually disconnected to use solely the LAN one.

Sorry not to be of a better help here...

Hi Fabien,

Thanks! Happy new year, wish you a successful year.

I'm aware that during the commissioning of bOS, sometimes if we're too quick making changes on the configurator, some controls are not updated. But as soon as you make a refresh or restart the server things come back to normal.

But this is a different situation. I can see the group address being updated on ETS, but not on bOS. This happens randomly. But if I enter the heating page again the icons are updated.

This is happening on a heating page I've created, and it happens specially on the valve icons. This bOS installation is still being developed so I don't have many pages yet, and I've noticed when I was turning on and off some room thermostats.

I'll keep an eye during the development, to see if this is happening only on the valves.

Thanks for the info.

Best regards