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RPC Security

Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 6 years ago in bOS Server updated 6 years ago 2


I've been using the RPC service with IFTTT and Tasker, but I'm really concerned about the security.

Of course that a VPN can increase the security. But for those who are still not using a VPN, this means expose a port for a service which is not protected.

Even in the LAN, there's no way to protect the service... unless you shut it down, block the access through MAC addresses, or any other way...

I know that the service is still in "beta" and it's to be used at our own risk, but can you think about protecting the service? It would be awesome!


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Under review


yes, we are aware that in current "beta" state is not secure and exposed port for a service is not safe. We are already working on making this service more secure and a safer version will be released in our future updates.

Thank you for all your on going support and help with our system with all your ideas and suggestions. Have a successful year and hope to see you on our forums and any future events.

Best regards, team Comfortclick.



Thanks! A safer version of RPC service will be awesome. And hopefully with more powerful functionalities...

You're welcome, thanks for the kind acknowledgement. Will do my best to keep adding new ideas and help the community, and continue to be a bOS evangelist. Have a nice year! We will meet in future events for sure...

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