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Weather with no data

Kristián Vojčík 5 years ago updated by Joachim 5 years ago 11

Hello I recently find out that Weather app on Jigsaw wont update and also I cannot change location, it cannot show any. Internet connection is good checked with PC ald also with Jigsaw thru update check with no errors. Also it happend on installation which is 8 months old and worked before. Any ideas what could happend? Thanks.


I am experiencing the same issue, the weather stopped working for the last couple of days. 



For me it stopped working 3-01-2019 at 20:00

I have similiar problems with my basic drivers. They stop updating the values from the API's and disconnect frequently. Yesterday I had to reboot the jigsaw to get temperature readings from yr.no

I'm having constant problems with the above, plus Alexa & Zwave becoming increasingly frustrated...


info from : https://developer.yahoo.com/weather/

Important EOL Notice: As of Thursday, Jan. 3, 2019, the weather.yahooapis.com and query.yahooapis.com for Yahoo Weather API will be retired.

To continue using our free Yahoo Weather APIs, use https://weather-ydn-yql.media.yahoo.com/forecastrss. Contact yahoo-weather-ydn-api@oath.com for credentials to onboard to this free Yahoo Weather API service.

Thanks for the info Andrzej!

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as did Andrzej Zalewski mentioned, current API for weather is no longer available. We're currently working on implementing a replacement for this API so the weather works as before. The new weather implementation is scheduled to be released with the next version of bOS.

Best regards.

Did you have  a solution for this issue?

Thank you


when are you planning to release a new version of bOS?


the new weather API is implemented in the new BETA version of bOS. The new BETA version is currently available, but should only be used for testing purposes only. Also it's advised to read the provided manual below when upgrading to latest beta version.

Best regards,bOS Upgrade Instructions.pdf 

Hi. When I look at the upgrade instructions the building screen look different compared to my screen on my Jigsaw. I'm currently running a BETA version. Not sure which. How do I get the latest BETA?

EDIT: Nevermind. I hit the BETA update button and received the latest update. :)