bOS to control alexa to play music

Yannick Bruynseels 5 years ago in bOS Configurator updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 5 years ago 3


is it possible to send a command to Alexa (or Google Home) to start the music. This can be done by talking to Alexa, but I want to integrate it in a scene on bOS so that it can be triggered by a push button or a schedule.




Sure it is!

I don't know if the Scene Reference on Alexa is already working. The last time I tested it was not working, so I use booleans as a workaround:

Create your scene with all the items you need (Let's call it Music);

Create a boolean to use it as a trigger (Let's call it 'Music scene trigger');

Set that boolean as an input trigger of the Scene (Add the trigger, Condition Equals True; Allow retrigger);

On the Alexa appliances, create a new appliance (Let's call it "Music scene");

Set the Power Reference to that previous created boolean (the 'Music scene trigger');

Update the Alexa skill;

"Alexa, turn on the Music Scene";

To use it as a push button, what I usually do is:

Set a button to always send value "1" when pressed (Let's call it Music scene button press on ETS);

Import the address to bOS;

Set that address also as an input trigger of the scene you've created (don't forget to set Allow retrigger);

So you'll end up having a scene, with two input triggers, one for Alexa, other for the push button...

As for using the scene as a schedule, just create the schedule and in the command set the Scene and choose Function: Run

That's it

Hello Ricardo,

thanks for the reply. What you describe here is a KNX scene that is called by Alexa. I want to do the opposite.

I want to push a button (or use a triggered command eg time based) and start music on my Amazon device. I have an Amazon speaker in my living room. So when I enter my home trough the front door, I deactivate my alarm system. This triggers a welcom home scene (opening roller, set heating, lights, ... and start the music in my house).

Is it possible to send a bOS command to start a playlist on Spotify?



I don't think so...

Not without an Alexa Skill development and/or additional hardware... something like an interpreter between http commands and Alexa.

If you were using SONOS, it would be possible. But as far as I know with Alexa it's not possible. At least I can't find and easy way to do that.

Best regards