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Denon HEOS

Yannick Bruynseels 6 years ago in bOS Configurator updated by Joost vB 1 year ago 14


will there be a plugin for the Denon Heos system? This is similar to Sonos but better quality and better for integrators.



Under review


one of our our system integrator managed to integrate Denon HEOS device using our Basic driver. We currently don't own any HEOS devices to test it out, but feel free to test it yourself and contact us with your feedback about the example provided below. Simply import it into your configuration.

Best regards,

Denon HEOS.bos

Super, thank you for the quick reply. I had also tested some features and this works similar so I was on the right track.



Thanks for Heos example.

Do you have any idea how to display image/cover?

I was wondering in general how to dynamically put an image from web on frame/panel - is it possible?

Hi @ComfortClick,

I'm new to the Jigsaw-family.

At the moment I'm trying to get my system to wake our living room up every morning with lights and music.

We run a HEOS-setup with a group of wireless speakers. I'm able to schedule the main speaker of the group to play my favourite radio channel, but that also un-groups the HEOS-group (also visible in the HEOS app, I need to re-group them manually.)

Now I've seen the GetGroups() function, but I cannot find any mentions in the knowledge base or the forum on how to use that to my advantage. So I'm hoping there's a way of using that to have the main speaker keep its connection with its groupies. :) 

Thank you for your support!


great to have you on board :)

One thing you could try is, instead of running the Play Favourite function on the speaker, try running it on the group.

If you run it from speaker, they will ungroup. But if you run it on the groups, they will play the favourite and won't ungroup.

Hope this helps!

Best regards.

Having fun getting things automated here, killer product!

Thanks for your response.

The thing is that the Jigsaw doesn’t show any Groups to play anything on. 

So that narrows my question down to: how do I get Groups to show in my bOS?


now that you mention it, there does seem to be a small issue with the groups not showing. I've created a ticket and you should see a fix with the next release/beta version.

In the meantime, try importing the following denon node.

Simply import the file in, click discovery, locate the speakers and the group node should also be visible as well. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Best regards,Denon.bos

Thank you for the support!

Will try the node as work around until an update comes to the rescue.


I've gotten the node to work and that indeed shows the groups.

In the past few weeks I've been testing it in different ways, but it hasn't behaved the way I expect it to do. 

My main goal is to have my sound system play my favourite radio channel in the morning in a certain group of 3 speakers.

For that I've made a routine whichs picks a pre-defined group (from the node) and says it should PlayFavourite(3).

Now every morning there's no music, the HEOS-group that existed was undone (which I understand since the node wants to re-group it with a lead speaker), the speakers stay un-grouped with the same volume and no music is playing.

Next to that I get a lot of bOS-error messages stating "Error connecting to device - No Ack" only for the speakers that are planned to be in the group...  

Any thoughts on getting this group to show some consistant teamwork?


the No Ack error is when bOS doesn't get a response from the speaker. Are the speakers working when the command is set? Are they playing music before? Or are they off or not playing?

Best regards.


they are silent but connected / logged in when bOS starts the routine in the morning. 

Normally the original group is turned off in TV mode, in the morning a HEOS TuneIn radio channel is the favorite to be launched by bOS.

Another update:

after some testing it appears that Play() works as expected. It starts playing the same thing it was playing when stopped last. 

PlayFavorite() asks for an numeric input on the saved favorites. In my case that’s only TuneIn-radio channels. bOS fails to execute that function on the given favorite. Even when executing GetFavorites() first.

Any thoughts on getting the PlayFavorite() to function properly?


are you logged in into your HEOS account? In functions settings, at the bottom there is Sign in option. You have to sign in into your account in order to get your favourites. When logged in, if you run Get Favourites and then Play favourite and then the number of your favourite (e.g. your tunein station is number 2) you select 2 and your tunein station should play.

Best regards,


Thank you for the swift and clear follow up!

Although it seemed like it was still logged in, a renewed login did the trick. Now all is up and running like expected 👍