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Denon HEOS

Yannick Bruynseels 4 years ago in bOS Configurator updated by Michal Kowalczyk 2 years ago 3


will there be a plugin for the Denon Heos system? This is similar to Sonos but better quality and better for integrators.



Under review


one of our our system integrator managed to integrate Denon HEOS device using our Basic driver. We currently don't own any HEOS devices to test it out, but feel free to test it yourself and contact us with your feedback about the example provided below. Simply import it into your configuration.

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Denon HEOS.bos

Super, thank you for the quick reply. I had also tested some features and this works similar so I was on the right track.



Thanks for Heos example.

Do you have any idea how to display image/cover?

I was wondering in general how to dynamically put an image from web on frame/panel - is it possible?