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Erros but Work

Paulo Ventura 6 years ago in bOS Configurator updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 6 years ago 5


I my theme, i use several painels. And some of theme says it has error but everything works. In "Erros" appears old variables (with different names). How can i solve it?

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could you provide any additional information, screenshots to make this issue a little bit more clear? If you have old variables in the theme, that you're currently not using and are not linked, it's best to remove them from the theme.

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The variables that appears on the second picture don't exist anymore. But keep appear as an error.

You say that the variables (actually shown as tasks in the picture), don't exist anymore.

But are you sure you deleted any references on the panels?

I assume that you placed some buttons on each panel, which were placed there to run those tasks. If you delete the tasks or variables, you need to update every button or control that used to have that reference. Either you delete the buttons or update the references.

I'm sure that you still have those references on the panels. That kind of errors go away as soon as you delete all the wrong references.

So carefully look in every panel, in every control, in every button, and find the old references and delete them.


I've found same problem, now what i did was: i added some panels for testing. Linked it with my visualisation and then deleted them, but under the panel it still shows its used, when in reality its not. 
Same thing happened with Double value that i linked with my visu and then deleted it from it, but it shows its still in use, so i cant delete it, without getting a error. I checked every button I changed for references, there's no links to the panel/double values.
bOS verison 4.4.2

Im sorry, i just noticed it has been fixed in the new update. All good now.
Update: Hmm I could delete my not used double values, but on another server, where i did panel linking, it still shows its in use, when in reality it's not. So i can't delete it without getting error. bOS version 4.4.4