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Alexa no longer has settings

Andy Gill 6 years ago in General updated by N Muthu 6 years ago 9

Following update to 4.4.4 The settings in the Alexa API are no longer there, I cant seem to do anything with it anymore?

What settings are you looking for?

Could you provide some screenshots, showing where possible bug might be?

I have the same problem. When I define an endpoint for Alexa the settings tab is empty (no parameters to set)Alexa problem.jpg

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you need to create another node in order to get the device list as shown in the picture:

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Did you get anywhere trying to resolve this, problem still there even on Beta?

 I have the same problem. When I define an endpoint for Alexa the settings tab is empty ( in Beta )


try closing the configurator and going to your bOS configurator installation folder (default path: C:\Program Files (x86)\ComfortClick\bOS Config) and remove the BOSAlexa.dll file. Then try connecting to the server again and re-download the .dll from the server. Also try removing the Endpoints when reconnecting to the server.

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I did the above steps but still the same. 

this time when I create an endpoint " error adding node " I have to click ok then it  will create an endpoint   

Could be the issue with the latest version of our BETA release. Best thing to do is to revert to stable version of bOS.

You will need to remove the bOS Server from your machine (you can copy Building folder and licence.bin file to another location). 

When bOS server is uninstalled, delete all the files from bOS server installation folder as well. Download the latest version from our webpage and install. Copy over licence.bin and Building so you get your configuration back (you can also make a backup using bOS configurator).

Before connecting to the server with Config, remove the BOSAlexa.dll from your configurator installation folder and alexa should be working.

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Resolved by installing the stable version 4.4. but I lost SONOS grouping ( I belive that  is available only in Beta )