running scenes before and after sunshine

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I want to make scenes that will run related the sunshine. mean 20 min before sunshine scene-1, 20 min after sunshine, scene-1, 2 hours after sunshine scene-3, etc. 

Anyone ideas how to make it? 

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In bOS, we have Dawn, Day, Dusk and Night booleans, that we can use to trigger something. Also we can go deeper and even use the Azimuth and Altitude values.

If you watch the factory values in Sun setting, you can see that there are offset values pre-defined. For example in Dawn there's an offset of -15 minutes from the calculated sunrise. Which I think it means that Dawn boolean will activate 15m before the calculated sunrise. Day boolean 15m after calculated sunrise, etc...

You can set your Dawn offset to -20 and the Day offset to 20 if you feel like it's ok.

So for testing purposes, you can try something like this:

Create a "Dawn" task, use the Dawn boolean as a trigger and execute your Scene-1.

Create a "Sunshine" task, use the Day boolean as a trigger, and execute your Scene-2

Using the same Day boolean as a trigger, use a 2h timer, and execute Scene-3 after the time set. Or in this case, assuming that you changed the Day offset value to 20, you can try to use a 1:40h timer.

Maybe there's a more elegant way to do this, but for a quick test it's a starting point.

Test it, and post your results.

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Just to confirm: the offset values work as described... Mine are still by default -15 15 -15 15, but you can adapt them to your needs.

The sunrise today in my location happened at 6:34h. The dawn bollean fired up at 6:19h (-15m) and the day boolean at 6:49h (15m).

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Thank you. we have been using these method of the Dawn, Night and Day for years now. however, you can use each of them only once (whatever the offset you have put them).

we have 2 problems with that:

1. this is limitted. we can use it only for 2-3 scenes

2. if we want to make mores scenes after the sunshine (5-10) more you cant use these.

the best was if we can have the Sunshine, or Night or Dawn as a trigger but we can add time to it. for example the trigger will be Night + 40 minutes, Nights + 2 hours, etc. that can give us unlimited options.


Did you try to play with "delay" in a program for wich you put Night or dawn as the trigger ?

Adding up teh delay in the same program could allow you to limit the number of program to write...

Of course you would have to start from the most negative trigger value...