Cannot find server

Vassilios 6 years ago in bOS Configurator updated 6 years ago 1


I will need help regarding connection to sledgehammer server. Yesterday at the office I was connected with my office desktop P.C. Today I am in the project trying to change IP either to DHCP or in fixed IP. I have connected my Lap and the server via a switch I set for my lap and the server has from yesterday Now in the project I am trying to find it manually via bOS configurator and  I cannot find it with searching. I have conne cted the ethernet port of the server that is under USB port and I cannot find it . Also how I am going to change the default port  from 443 to another. And how  I am going to have access remotly for maiking changes if needed? 

I need a help cause I am at project right now .

Thank you in advance

Also the LED for ethernet connection in front of the server doesn't react at all as before.Is it possible to have problems with firewall or something?