IP issue for BosConfig

Sneha V 6 years ago in bOS Server updated by Fabien Fuster 6 years ago 4


I have given Static IP to BosConfig IP is When i directly connect to laptop it can be accessed but when i connect to the home wifi network it does not ping therefor cannot be accessed. What can be the issue and how can it be solved? 


After facing the above problem, we brought back the Jigsaw to the office, and connected it to the office network with DHCP enabled on Jigsaw. I just gave the supply and it got detected. 

Attached please find image of message shown in service monitor. And also find word file for editing default ports as mentioned on your website for troubleshooting when shown error in Service monitor.

What can be done to solve this problem? Kindly reply asap.   

No image attached...

Port 80 seems to be used by another application. You can try to use the "netstart -o" command to identify it and change the port, or change the bOS port 80 to another one.

see also https://www.comfortclick.com/Software/Manuals/BOSServer?print=false