Blu Ray Integration

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How can we integrate Sony Blu-Ray Player in Comfort Click?


If you device support IP control you can do it via http command, otherwise you will need to control it via IR Tran or GlobalCache.

What is your model ?

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The Blu-Ray Model No is BDP-S4100. It has In-Built Wi-Fi and 1 Ethernet Port. Kindly guide me for integration with the codes. 

Searching on the net, I could find the following :

either check https://github.com/KHerron/SonyAPILib

or the following article found on iRule portal: 

"2) Web Article
This tutorial applies to all models of Sony Blu-ray players that are IP controllable.

Step 1
Import the device codes by searching the builder for Type=Blu Ray + Vendor=Sony.  Device is called "SONY Blu-Ray IP Control" (see the excel file to download below)

Step 2
Before any of the command would work, you have to use FREE Sony Media Remote app to register with the BD player.  This has to be done with EVERY device on which you will be using iRule to control the BD player.

Step 3
In the app create a HTTP GATEWAY with port 50001 for BDP-Sx70, BDP-Sx90, BDP-Sx100 and port 52323 for BDP-Sx80 and method=POST

Step 4
Attach the device from the builder to this Gateway.

All Sony BD players prior to 2012/13 models (BDP-S590, BDP-S790, BDP-S5100) do not have Power On nor Allow Wake-On-Lan function.

For BDP-S590, S790, S5100, to enable the device to be able to turn on via Wake-On-Lan packet you need to go to NETWORK SETTINGS of the BD Player and set the option for REMOTE START (Page 33 of the manual http://www.docs.sony.com/release/BDPS590_BX59.pdf)"

with following codes : Sony IP codes

With this you have the port number and all http message codes. As I don't have any Sony device I cannot test further so I hope this will help.


You can integrate the BR using Global cache. But when you import the IR codes from the Global cache dB for Sony products you have to edit the IR codes because sony needs a 3 times repeat of the code to work

You can do it in the ir code changing the first 1 and put a 3