Restrict user access to specific devices

Haya Altuwaijri 6 years ago in General updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 6 years ago 1

1) How to restrict user access to specific devices?

Example: Parents have full access to their home automation system, a child only limited - to devices in his room.

2) Is there a way to know username who did specific action? 

for example: in comfortclick, I want to see the user who closes the light.



You can add PIN code to all areas you want to restrict, and leave kids room with no PIN.

Or you can create a new Theme with just the kids room devices, then create a user for the kids and point the theme to that user. That way their login can only access that theme.

So in practice you may have the main theme with everything, including the kids room devices. And a secondary theme just with the kids room which is actually a copy of the kids panel and devices.

As for who did what, I guess that it might not be possible. Mainly because you can only know when a specific user gets online. The only values available for users are "Received Sms", "Online" and "On Local Network".

But, what you're asking might be useful actually. Thanks for the tip, maybe bOS team can use that idea for further developments.

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