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How to use showpanel

Francois Lesueur 6 years ago in bOS Client updated 6 years ago 2


I would like on the bOS iOS client to be able to run a program AND open another panel while pressing a button. 

Since a button can only perform one task (?), I built a program that is triggered by this button, and at the end of the program I'm having a "showpanel" command to open the other panel. 

However, the panel doesn't show.

What did I do wrong ? Is there something I'm missing about the showpanel command ? 

Is there a better / easier way to do what I would like to do ? 



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to display desired frame to need to select your user and then select the frame you want to show the user to. A program task with step by step procedure on how to do this has been done in our latest webinar, you can check it out on our youtube channel.

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Thank you. you can close this ticket.