iOS Connection problem

Beaufay Gauthier 6 years ago in bOS Client updated 6 years ago 6


I 've got problem to connect 2 IPads to grinder via bOS Client.

Only one is connected, the other one can't connect.

Server is updated 4.4.0 to 4.4.2: same problem.

IOs is updated 11.3: same problem.

Profile deleted and recreated: same problem.

App deleted and reinstall: same problem.

IPads had the same name, rename in App settings: same problem.

IPads are true in the local network but false in online.

How many connections are possible with the same user?

if i create a different user, will it works ?

Any ideas of the problem ?




As far as I know, you can use the same user for several connections.

I tested with my Android phone, my Windows client, and my iPad 2, all of them working at the same time with the same user.

I even tested at least 6 instances of the Windows client, opened at the same time, and all of them are running the same user, so I don't think there's a limitation.

So you have one iPad (let's call it iPad No1) that can connect to bOS;

You have iPad No2 that can't connect to bOS;

If you disconnect the client from iPad No1, or even turn the 3G/4G/Wifi off of that iPad, does the iPad No2 connects?


Thanks for answering,

If i delete the IPads in device list of user and add new profile, both IPads connect on the server.

But when i come back later one IPad is deconnected and no possibiliy to reconnect.

I tryed wifi off, plane mode, no difference.

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If you're on the same network, chances are that both iPads have different IP's, so no problem there...

As for having both at the same time, I also don't think that there's any problem. As I told you, I tried Android+iPad+Windows all at the same time and with the same profile and user, and they all work.

That's pretty weird...

If you try an iPad and a smartphone instead of two iPads, does it also happen?

There's no problem with an iPhone or android phone : both connect immediatly.

At the begining, the iPads had same name: that's why i renamed them in App settings.

I've noticed that on my configuration, every device gets a different PushToken.

So I assume that it can detect a different iPad on a different IP, and with a different PushToken.

But, there might be any problem with both iPads having the same name...

On bOS Configurator, it says something about that:

"Device Name name must be the same as device name defined in BOSClient application settings.".

Can you change the names on both clients on settings?

Go to iPad internal settings, go way down to the bottom until you find bOS Client, change the value on Device name, so both iPads can have different device names.

Test it, and post the results!

Best regards


That's what i made.

First i changed in iPad: settings: general: informations: name. No change.

After, i  changed like you said, but no change.

I comfirm push token are differents.