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Add profile issue "Error importing settings"

Haya Altuwaijri 6 years ago in bOS Client updated by ComfortClick Support 6 years ago 3

In Android client, when I try to add profile, the following error message appears:

"Error importing settings" 

In addition, I tried to access the visualization using web browser, however, after typing login credentials and clicking Enter, the browser refresh the login page only

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for now, you need to set public IP for the controller in order to connect via android device, we will release a new version of our app where you will be able to connect to your controller without the need of public IP. You can still use Manual configuration and connect to the controller using IP address.

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Thank you for your reply.

How to set public IP?

I've tried Manual configuration, but it keeps reconnecting which means it doesn't work.

To set your public IP, go to your configurator, Select Building node and click Edit, login into your account and you will find Set public ip option. After setting the public IP then click refresh on the configurator so the information is transferred and connection should work, also expect an update for the app which will allow connection even without IP set.

If you put your IP manually connection should be established either way, make sure you're in the same network as the controller.

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