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Access thorugh web browser

Adam Zanto 7 years ago in bOS Server updated 7 years ago 4


Can I access web interface without filling login form? I.e encode login credentials in URL or disable authentication?

I need to display visualisation on device with simple browser without keyboard or mouse.

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yes, you can access your visualisation using URL. First you must create a User in your configuration, then you will need to use your local IP and users to connect to the server. You can try and use url like this: 

http://<your local IP>/?user=User

And you should be able to connect to your visualisation.

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I have already tried this and similiar (i.e http://ip-address/?User=user&Password=pass) without success - login window appears.



try adding Demo (http://<your local IP>/Demo?user=User


Thanks - now its ok.