No RPC-port started after upgrade to 4.4.0

Fredrik Sandblom 7 years ago in bOS Server updated by anonymous 6 years ago 4

Have the following values in BOSService.exe.config that have worked before upgrade to 4.4.0.

After upgrade port is not started.

    <add key="RPCServiceUri" value="http://localhost:81/" />
    <add key="EnableRPC" value="True" />


Found a new file in Server directory called Settings.txt. This file contained "EnableRPC":false. After changing this and restart the service port is up and running again. Don´t know if this is the new way to do it or if it is a test when developing.

Well found ! saved me. thank you.

Thank you. Glad to help!

Thank you! I discovered your comment after hours of testing and configuration checks!


Please update the documentation!