Video Intercom

Dev Venba 6 years ago in bOS Client updated by Amado Jose Adriano 3 years ago 3

We have tested 2N intercom with Bos phone and it worked good. We also need to test AVA design V Bell DP 104 intercom. It has RTSP streaming. We are facing some issue with the video. Can you please help us to figure it out via remote Team Viewer ? Our setup is ready.

Hi I been trying 2N to get working but no luck can you help me with that? Thanks.

which SIP server you are using. Please ensure that you are providing the right URL for 2N to work. Also be specific with your 2N model number ( Vario / Verson / IP Solo etc )

hi, iam facing the same issue on beward IP intercom, audio and unlock the door was working fine but video was not showing