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Guillem Morey 7 years ago in General updated 7 years ago 3

I have an issue with thermostat.

Current Temperature=21ºC

Setpoint = 24ºC


Value=False ¿?¿?

Hysteresis=0.5ºC (I assume that is symetric)

If I change mode to Cooling then Value=True

What's wrong?


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which version of bOS are you using? When linking everything together correctly, it should be working. Just tested here in the office and it works without any issues.

Best regards.

Sorry, seems it just happens in current project, in new one works correctelly, I'll check a lot.


Well, I finded the problem, in HVAC standards is used 0 for cooling and 1 for heating, and the function thermostat is inverted, you are using 0 for heating and 1 for cooling. in my point of view this is a bug because all industrial machines are using this convention and you are forcing to invert normalitzed states. I have meeted with this problem because I'm joining this system with a LON system exchanging information thru KNX and both systems are using this conve.ncionalism.