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iOS Client font or formatting issue

Scott White 7 years ago in bOS Client updated by ComfortClick Support 7 years ago 0

I think this is a bug, but please tell me if I am just doing something wrong

The font on the iPhone bOS client is proportionally larger than on either the Windows or the Android tablet app so that screens that look fine on Windows or Android do not work on the iphone because much of the text is missing.  Effectively you get 3 lines of text on the Windows and Andiod client but 2 on the iphone so the last line is always missing, (and that is often where things like temp is showing). It does not seem to matter how many tiles you have on a page.  If you make the tiles bigger, (by having less rows), it just makes the two lines of text larger, it does not show more lines

Under review


which version of iOS is the client using? Could you provide a screenshot?

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