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Cannot connect to Jigsaw

Monse Martinez 7 years ago in bOS Configurator updated by ComfortClick Support 7 years ago 1

I'm trying to connect from my computer to the Jigsaw by bOS configurator but I get: "Can not connect with the profile. Profile key does not match the server key. Possible security violation.". Tried removing the device from the configurator and adding it again but I got the same. I also tried stopping the server, removing the Building folder from the Comfortclick folder in C: and starting all over again but it did not work again. Can you please help me?

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when connecting to a device (that is not your PC) there is no need for a bOS server app, because the app runs on the device, also Building folder is on the device as well. How are you connecting to your Jigsaw?

Please try removing it from your configuration and try connecting using AccessID, or try using Manual Configuration, click Find, locate your controller, enter your credentials and try to connect.

If you still face these issues, please provide Teamviewer information to: david.boben@comfortclick.com or support@comfortclick.com

Best regards.