Keypad for negative values

Matteo Cavatorta 1 month ago in bOS Configurator updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 4 weeks ago 3


is there the way to set integer numbers with negative values? (standard keypad has no "-"minus symbol



Yes, there is.

You just need to go to your integer value, and change the units to allow negative values.

For example:

When you create an integer, by standard it shows the units as [0,100] range.

Image 4927

If you click on the units, you can change the minimum and maximum values. So if you change lets say to -100 to 100, it will allow you to set negative numbers.

Image 4929

Image 4930

I've used the integer directly on the visualization, and set the Control Type to UpDownSetter, didn't checked with other cases.

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thanks for your answer. With double value it seems to not work. I used a custom flag to multiply with "-1" when value has to be negative


Are you sure? I've tested with a double value, set to minimum -100 and max 100, and it works...

Negative double - Video

As you can see on the video, I was able to set minimum values on a double, without any extra stuff.

Image 4932

Image 4933

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