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visual bug ?

Fabien Fuster 2 months ago in bOS Client updated 2 months ago 9

Hi Guys,

I have a small display issue and don't know how it could be fixed from within the configurator and need the expert view on it. Wondering if it could be a bug...

To explain, I created some visual view for a  PV installation, for me to easily identify if I sending or pulling load from the grid. I've therefore programmed some colored coded field showing the situation

Image 4856

Image 4857

The idea is to have nothing displayed when there is no transfer between the house and the grid, programmed as such

Image 4858

If in principle it work well, I have sometime (most of the time in fact) the arrows remaining visible as well as the consumption box back color, while I'm expecting to see nothing else than the page background...

Image 4859

Any idea on how I could get this fixed and get rid of the "afterglow" effect ?

Thanks for any tip.

Hello Fabien,

Indeed that's probably a bug.

As far as I understand, you're using for example a double value, and when the condition is 0 you would like to present no image.

I've also tested and in fact when choosing 0 value was supposed to show no image, but bOS is showing the last one.

I've found a solution, and honestly it's the fastest one for now, to use a transparent png file as the 0 value. It worked in my case.

Here's a sample:

File:Empty.png - Wikimedia Commons

I've added it to my pictures, and chose that background image on the 0 value.

Best regards

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Hello Fabien,

yeah the issue could be that if you select 0 value in the value (collection) and don't select any icon it should be blank, but it still shows default icon selected.

I'll forward this along and we'll see what can be done. Thank you for reporting the issue.

Best regards.

Hi both,

Thanks for your quick feedback. @Ricardo, very smart idea to put an empty image, have not thought to that. Thanks for the tip, I will implement it right now !

@CC team, no rush as there is a "temp" fix existing, but I guess it would make things easier if it would work without the empty image by design.

Best regards

You're welcome Fabien.

I guess that probably no one faced this problem, or at least haven't thought of using it like you're using (pretty cool ideia, so you can show the current flow direction, and not show anything if there's no flow).

And it actually affects any value, and not only 0, as long as the Background Image is [Empty] it will have this issue.

The transparent png file was the first thing that came to my mind, so you can use until there's a fix to this.

Best regards

yes, i like much this visual view of the flow as you immediately see the situation. Adding colors makes it even quicker.

The transparent image is just THE perfect idea that didn't came to my mind, so Kudos to you Ricardo ! Now it just works as I did imagine it, thanks for that. It will be useful for other feature I have in mind with the same philosophie. 

The full view, with the proper result visible between the PV panel and the converter

Image 4862

I haven't used this kind of option, so we weren't aware of this bug on the blank image yet. Glad that the transparent empty png file was a good alternative and it works.

I understood the idea right away. After all, that's usually the behaviour of the standard inverter visualization apps, they usually show the flow of the consumption / production with some visual direction of flow animations.

Next step, is to find some animated SVG or some good quality GIF animations with the arrows kind of moving :)

Best regards

Would be awesome, bu sadly these animated pictures (gif or svg) are only working on the web or ios version (don't know about android) but not on the Win client :(...

In my last version, I also get rid of the "production" and "batteries" fields when producing "0 W". It looks much better 


Gif's work on windows and android clients too. At least for me. My home visu has many gifs as backgrounds and for button statuses. 

My bad, thanks for pointing this change out... Frankly said, I did not even realize that it is now working in the Win version !  At the time I've introduced them in my project it was only working on my iOS device, and used to it, thus never paid attention to that important change. Thanks Jürgen !