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New alert notification - issues with paragraphs

Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 5 months ago in General updated by Noel Fuentes 3 months ago 10


The new alert, doesn't assume any new paragraphs on e-mails. Instead, it just writes the text on the same sentence. It doesn't assume paragraphs on the e-mails, but it assumes of the push notification and on the log :/

Image 4808

Image 4809

Image 4810

I had to use html tag <br> to be able to have paragraphs on the e-mail body. Which in turn, sucks on the push notification as it shows as <br>

Image 4811

Image 4812

Best regards

Under review

Hello Ricardo,

as mentioned, we'll release a new version that should fix this problem.

Best regards, David


Is bOS e-mail service working? After latest update, e-mails are not sent. I tried rebooting the server a couple of times, but it did not fix it.

Is this happening to anyone else?

Thank you in advance.


No problems here, with a Jigsaw Pro. I get e-mails everyday at 00:00h and haven't noticed any problems.

I just updated to 4.10.11 right now, and tested the emails, all good here.

Can you double check your SMTP config? Which server are you using?

Best regards


Thank you for your answer.

I have an old Grinder updated to 4.10.11 and I was using the bOS internal e-mail service. I have no e-mails since a couple of updates, a few days ago. Events or notifications are working well.

I tried with SMTP server (my office one, working on my laptop with same config) and it did not work. It has something to do with my grinder, obviously. 

Best regards.

Hello again,

I have selected the "Log sent messages" on Messaging configuration and bOS considers it has been sent. I can see the e-mail on bOS client's log, but e-mail is never sent (it does not appear on my "Sent" box).

I have also tried with an updated (4.10.11) Grinder of one of our clients and internal services is not working neither.

Best reagrds.


I've tested with Jigsaw and it worked perfectly fine.

Also, I installed a brand new 4.10.11 server on my W11 laptop right now, tested with internal and external SMTP and it's working, so I can't replicate the error even on a windows machine.

Can you do Reload on your configurator and test it again?

Also double check if you have done all the necessary updates (WebView2) that the new versions need, etc.

Do you have any recent backup without any changes or minor changes, that you can reload back?

Best regards

Hello Ricardo, 

Thank you again for your help.

I did a reload and a couple of reboots, but did not work.

I will check if any update is necessary. Thank you for the tip. 

Best regards.


I've checked the NUC and it seems to be updated. I tried with my office laptop and it does not work neither with an earlier version (4.9.36). So this is not only happening with my old Grinder. That's odd...


That's so strange...

I usually only use Jigsaw models, so they're Linux based.

But to be fair and test on the same conditions as you, I installed the 4.10.11 on my laptop with the demo license, and it works.

So at first, I thought that it could be a problem on the Windows OS version, but apparently not as it works on my Windows 11 Pro.

Can you check if you have .net framework updated, etc, and test it again?

If it continues not working, open a ticket here (top of the page), so that the team can reach out to you.

Best regards

Hello Ricardo,

Suddenly I've started receiving e-mails today. I did nothing... Anyway, I'm glad it is working again.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards.