Can Login via bOS client but can not login via bOS Configurator

Marek Dobosz 7 months ago in bOS Configurator updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 7 months ago 1


I have Jigsaw v2 and device is registered.

The problem is that I can connect to CC using bOS Client but I can not loging to CC via bOS Configurator

Looks that after setting credential (user and password - the same when login via Client) the initial page is refreshing and again asking for credentials.

- PC is in the same network as CC

- CC is registered in cloud

- no matter if used Manual Configuration or not

Checked connection via Wireshark and it seems that connection between PC and server is done correctly.

Any idea?



I was having the same problem in one of the Jigsaw units. I think it may have something to do with the System Version upgrade (V2 to V3). Please check if that's the case.

On the last few days, I've been performing several updates on the customer's units, and I have found the same issue in one of them.

When I open the Configurator on that client, it asks for the username and password, and to upgrade the software.

But even after choosing yes, and saving the backup, and after waiting some minutes for the upgrade, when I open the client it asks for the username and password again, and it actually didn't performed the update.

As I have a problem with Windows 11 Pro not downloading / installing the previous versions of the Configurator, I've used my Windows Sandbox, to use the older configurator to enter the Jigsaw and check what's wrong, and I've noticed that the system was asking to be upgraded from V2 to V3 prior to the software update (I thought that I did it already).

So I've first upgraded the System Version, and then the software itself.

After that, no more problems with the login, at least in my case.

Try to downgrade the Configurator (it shows a message to use an older version), or enter the Configurator with another computer, or with the windows sandbox.

So my advise, is: Backup first!!! Then System Update, then Software Update.

If the software is too distant from the current 4.10.4, it's normal that the Jigsaw will perform an intermediate version and then you'll have to update again until getting on the 4.10.4.

Best regards