Different Layout Orientation

Bros Knx 6 months ago in bOS Client updated 6 months ago 2

Hello everyone.

I have a problem to which I have not found a solution by browsing the forum and it may be very simple but I have not been able to find it.

In a Free type panel I have inserted a layout to insert controls, but I notice that if I see it in the Windows client it has a different orientation than if it is seen in an Android client. I attach a photo so you can check it.

Is it possible to avoid this? At this time it is impossible to locate any controls precisely.

Image 4761


How did you inserted the 2D cad image?

I've placed an image on my server, and the rotation of the device is not affecting the image...

I've tested both the panel (free positioning) with a background image, and inside a frame also with a different background image, and both stay in their correct rotation when rotating the device (meaning, the images stay in the right position despite the device rotation).

Best regards

As I said, it was a simple topic but I had been working on it for a while.

It is in the dimension of the image. If the imported image is landscape or portrait. The configurator shows you the landscape format while the client shows you the actual format. The images I imported were portraits and that is why the Client drew them as he should.

Thanks for your tests Ricardo.