Hardware exchange, license transfer

Jean Michel 8 months ago in bOS Server updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 8 months ago 1

Hey, guys!

I have two situations of this type: I need to transfer the bos license to a new server!

I looked for something similar here on the forum, but I didn't find anything "useful"... What I found, is either very old, or it's not about the software license but about the jigsaw... Sorry... .

How do I proceed? What is the email address for direct contact with support?

I said a lot but I didn't clarify the problem lol

I have 2 clients who damaged the machine, after changing the SSD, formatting and reinstalling the bos server (and its backup), everything works except the old license... If you want a suggestion, I think there should be a clearer path on how to proceed , there is nothing in the site's database “showing the way”.

I "eagerly" await your response, and thank you!!


It's best if you open a support ticket - send them your bOS ID and maybe new machine ID. Only bOS support can transfer the license.