Controlling the humidity in a bathroom

Nathan Meinck 11 months ago in bOS Configurator updated 3 months ago 3

I want to control the humidity in a bathroom. I can setup a simple function where there is min and max humidity e.g. (75 & 82) setting and if the current humidity falls withiabove the range the exhaust fan turns on and when it falls below the range it turns off. However, is the ambient (outside) humidity is within the range (a storm comes through) and the humidity stays within the range the exhaust fan will continue to run until the storm passes and the humidity drops below the range. The exhaust fan will also turn on if a storm comes through and exceeds the max (e.g. 82) and as above will continue to run until the storm passes. So even if the shower has not been used.

Does anyone have an example of how this situation can be handled?

Where do you get the information from ?

The data comes from a KNX humidity sensor (one bathroom) or a Zwave humidity sensor (the other bathroom). I am not using outside humidity at this stage. A couple of years ago I used a Hubitat program off GitHub and it worked a treat, but I haven't found an equivalent example in CC. These are the paramters they used (I have the code but it's quite extensive):

Fan Behavior

Sensitivity (% / minute, 0.1 - 2.0) = 2

Smart Range Minimum %*= 74 

Smart Range Maximum %*= 84

Excessive Change Threshold (%, 0 to disable)*= 20 

Auto-off check (minutes, 0 to disable)*= 10 

what best practise for managing humidity in bathrooms?