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Krzysztof Fryźlewicz 1 year ago in bOS Configurator updated 1 year ago 7


Is it possible to get data from Jigsaw over http? I would like to create a widget which will show eg. temperature and shades status in my home.


Yes... You can make HTTP Requests to the Jigsaw to get some data. You can use the bOS RPC API to get and post data to the Jigsaw.

You can also make the opposite, send data from bOS to an external service (like a Thingspeak channel / widget for example).

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Could you point me to a documentation where I can find the API schema?



The RPC API has very scarce documentation, so you'll probably want to also have a look on other posts where we talk about the RPC API, here on the forum.


Basically the API is used by making HTTP Post requests in json format. You can also use MQTT (you can connect bOS to a remote MQTT broker, or use its own local MQTT broker).


Please note, that on the RPC API, when you place the object on the body of the post request, on the examples you have something like:

{"objectName":"Devices\KNX\Light 1","valueName":"Value","value":"true"}

You have to use double slashes instead of only one, like this:

{"objectName":"Devices\\KNX\\Light 1","valueName":"Value","value":"true"}

You can also find some examples on YouTube, and webinars:


What kind of widget are you looking to develop, and in which technology/language?

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Yeah, I saw that the documentation is barely there. I'm trying to create a widget for macOS and iOS so I could see some data without opening bOS client app (which also is not available on macOS). Right now I'm trying to figure out how to actually get any data because I get 404 every time.

What are you using to develop the widget?

I searched for iOS widget http post request, etc, and haven't found anything.

I might me wrong, but I think that it can possible be done with iOS shortcuts, and then a widget to show the value? Correct me if I'm wrong, as I'm not an iOS user.

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I've created two apps: iOS and macOS to show me current temperature in every room. It is pretty basic and I'm planning to somehow enhance it since I'm not a big fan of ComfortClick app. 

macOS widget:

Image 4591

iOS widget:

Image 4592

Data is updated every 15min.