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Comfortclick integration with Doorbird and Sonos

Eloy Larrañaga 1 year ago in bOS Configurator updated 1 year ago 2

Good afternoon.

I would like to play the Doorbird doorbell tone on Sonos without using the Sonos app. I would also like to have the command "hang up the call" to use it as an input to turn off the speakers.

Under review

Hello Eloy,

This can be done using our tasks in bOS. We had this request in the past from one of our clients and we implemented a couple of new functions to make this work.

In your Program task first run the RememberNowPlaying function, which will remember the current station/song playing.

Then I’d recommend adding your ringtone/doorbell sound under either favourites or playlist so you can then run the PlayFavourite command.

Set the volume

Add delay for the length of the doorbell duration

Run the Resume button, which will resume playing the previous station/song

Tweak the volume as it was before.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,

Thank you very much!

Now I would only need the ringtone on the speakers to stop sounding when I answer the call.

I understand that some kind of HTTP call or something similar would have to be made, but I can't figure out how to execute that command.