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BOS Client crush

Diego Colic 1 year ago in bOS Client updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 1 year ago 8

BOS Client crushes everytime i recieve an email from BOS. It only happens if message is defined as Alert.

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I've conducted a small test, and I also can confirm that the bOS Client (at least on Android) crashes when receiving an "Alert" message from bOS.

Extra information:

1) If the bOS Client is opened and running the client crashes (getting the Android crash error);

2) If the bOS Client is opened but we're on the servers list, we don't get any error message but the bOS Client simply closes;

3) If the bOS Client is running on background (the app looks like it crashes but we don't get any message from Android); So when returning back to the running app, the app is not actually running as we left it, so it gets to the main servers list;

4) If the bOS Client is not running, we get the same behaviour as the previous point no.3;

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As I don't use Alert messages, I've never noticed this issue.

Thanks for posting the issue Diego, I'm sure that the team will look at it.

Can someone confirm if the issue is happening on iOS devices also?

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Btw, I was confused when reading your post at first, but now I'm getting further information:

'Alert' message, was not even supposed to send any e-mails, just an internal alert on the app.

That's why we can choose Alert, Event, SMS or Push.

So it's basically crashing the app when using Alert messages, and those Alert messages are also sending e-mails in parallel when it's not supposed to.

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I'm on Android too, it doesnt crash for me though. 
I tested it yesterday as I mainly use events messages more. I changed one to alert - Still sent out the alert pop up and email and app didnt close for me. Running 4.9.23 windows server. Tested with Android 12.

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we had some issues with bOS Client update for Android from previous week. A new bOS Client application is already in review and it should be published any day now, which should fix the problem. Please try updating the client app via Google Play and check if the issue is resolved.

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Issue was resolved with updating the client app via Google Play.


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Although the problem looks it's fixed (not crashing the app), I now notice the following:

When sending an Alert message, I get an alert on the app, an e-mail and a push notification, all at once.

Is it supposed to?

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Hello Ricardo,

great to hear it's working. Yeah alert sends alert to email, text and push if you have everything filled out.

If you want limited alerts, you can chose either just email, push...

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Hum... it makes sense, alerts by any means... As I usually only use e-mail, I've never noticed that.

Now I felt like Homer Simpson...D'OH!!!

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