HUE - node supported use of motion sensors, remotes and scenes

Joost vB 1 year ago in bOS Configurator updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 1 year ago 1


after linking my HUE setup to bOS I find my lights, groups and smart sockets. Those work as expected, so all good on that aspect.

Within my HUE setup I have some motion sensors, also a few remotes and I use HUE scenes. The node doesn’t seem to have native support for those.

I’ve found some topics covering the use of motion sensors and scenes, but the somewhat fragile/complex solutions using API or IFTTT. 

My question:

Will there be a node update which will integrate the use of motion sensors, remotes and/or scenes in the (near) future?



I honestly don't think so...

Mainly because Philips Hue itself only allows that kind of functions within their official app, and leave the API for the "braves" who want to experience further more than the official app.

So I don't think (I may be wrong) that the ComfortClick team would be willing to concentrate their efforts in developing extra nodes beside the already existing ones.

As for the fragile / complex, I can agree in some ways. In fact it's a little bit "annoying" having to create some stuff with their API, but hey, I wish that more manufacturers would allow the same.

I don't rely on anything that's cloud based, mainly because of the fragility you pointed out. But you can use the local API and never get out of the local network, which is faster and more reliable.

I was one of the interested in messing around with the sensor things, and unfortunately I had to rely on a local Node-RED device, so I could use the Philips Hue API v2 Events (Server-Side Events) as stated on my post:


I wish I wouldn't have to use an external Node-RED device, but rather using only bOS to develop my own logics. But I guess that's not possible for now...

So unless I'm proved wrong, I don't think that the team will take time to extend the Philips Hue integration.

But you never know... :)

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