No sound when iOS devices are locked

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We have noticed that when the iPad screens are locked no sound is played (e.g. from an event). However, Android devices do play sounds when the screen is locked.

The iPad screens cannot dim down without locking, the client is expected to have the screen on at all times which is inconvenient during night time. And if the screen locks, no sound is played.

May we expect a correction in the iOS client app or some kind of screensaver (much like Loxone)?



Can't really tell about iOS, but on Android the bOS app should always be set to ignore battery optimization from the OS.

Most of the manufacturers like Xiaomi Samsung etc, have battery optimization, so bOS app may be set to sleep on background and miss updates (I've had to change that in a lot of costumers, because when returning to the app most of the times it was unresponsive).

By setting the bOS to ignore the battery optimization, the app gets updated even on background and never sleeps.

You can check if there's anything similar on iOS, and if it is, do ignore any OS optimization.

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Dear Ricardo,

Thank you for reply. I believe I have already made these settings.


I don't have any iOS device, so I can't confirm.

But according to some info on the web:

Settings > General > Background App Refresh and turn the feature on.

Also, you can check:

Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Toggle off Optimized Battery.

I'm not aware of the most recent iOS options, so you can check and tell us if it works.


Ricardo Pinto

Thank you once again for your help, but I've already made these settings and the problem persists.