brightness values from a weather station on the Jigsaw.

Jean Pierre Seillier 1 year ago in bOS Client updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 1 year ago 2

I'm getting brightness values from a Jung weather station on the Jigsaw. The display does not change when the station value changes. If I do a group value read in ETS6, then the value displayed in jigsaw also changes.

I don't see what to do to make the display follow the values? I would not like to force the refresh of the values on the weather station.


Probably you need to configure the weather station to send the value on change or cyclically.


When temperature changes, the value is updated on the BUS.

So if the value doesn't change on bOS, I'm afraid that you may have something misconfigured.

Never had to cyclically read the values, as the weather station automatically sends the value to the BUS. Unless I would like constant readings...

You need to double check everything between bOS and the weather station, because that's not a normal behaviour.

Show us some prints from ETS and from bOS.