Alexa - on/off commands on % devices

Andrzej Szymkowicz 7 years ago in General updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 7 years ago 8


In my opinion it is reasonable to have a possibility to control percentage devices using on/off command - on: 100%, off: 0%. Currently these commands are not recognised for such devices :-( 


What devices are you using?

There is always some workaround, like using a Boolean as a trigger, and then set a Task function to set 100% or 0% depending on the turn on or off voice command...

I have it working with Alexa...


Yes, but in such case you mast have 2 different alexa's devices for the same light source: one for dimming and other one for on/off commands - which I'd like to avoid.

And this 2 devices need to have different name otherwise Alexa don't know what to do. From the user perspective this is not reasonable.


You don't need to have two devices on Alexa.

I can give you an example that I'm using with the same name.

I have a "All lights" appliance in Alexa.

I have two scenes in Cc. One is called All lights on, with specific lights on. And other called All lights off with everything off.

I created a Boolean to use as a trigger for Alexa.

Then I have a Task, that uses that Boolean as trigger, which acts like: if the Boolean is on, run the All lights on scene, else if Boolean off run the Scene all off.

So when you say Alexa turn in on all lights, it runs one scene. If you say Alexa turn off all lights it runs the other scene.

You can adapt this example exactly for your use case. As you can see, at Alexa it only has one object All lights.

I have it working


I don't see the way how to adopt your idea since I have different types of Alexa appliance on is boolean and the other one percentage, and there is no way to combine them except to have 2 different alexa devices with different names. :-) 

To be clear: I want to have possibility to say: alexa dim living room light to 10% as wall as alexa turn on/off living room light. If I configure % device, alexa does not recognise on/off command, and if boolean device alexa does not recognise dim command. And that is the main point.

You can set both on off and % references for the same object, I'm almost sure... So in practice you have only one device in Alexa.

Will test that to tell you

Yes, you are right - I can set both references and it solves an issue.

Thank you very much.