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Jigsaw not communicating after 5 years

wweijtje 11 months ago in bOS Server updated by ComfortClick Support 11 months ago 1


I've been a happy user of the jigsaw device (CC-J-1) for nearly 5years now. However, after a recent update the system does not seem to communicate anymore with the network and I can't connect to the device anymore.  I've performed several network scans but the device won't appear.  The UTP indicator lights are not flashing. In the mean time the device kept executing the timed tasks on KNX. 

To resolve the issues I've reset the device, I think successfully as it is no longer executing its KNX tasks, but the system will still not appear in the network.  As if it is unable to communicate, I have replaced the UTP cable and have connected it directly to the main modem. No success. 

is there anything else I can or try to bring the device back to working order?



Under review

Hello Wout,

please open a ticket in our ticketing system so we can arrange a replacement or remote support for the Jigsaw.


Thank you and best regards,