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bOS + Amazon Echo (Alexa)

Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 7 years ago in General updated by Tilen Suhadolnik 7 years ago 22

Hello everyone,

Been testing Amazon Alexa here in Portugal with bOS, and so far so good.

I've noticed that in the first instructions (with bOS beta version) it says that we needed to create a VirtualLight or whatever as a reference to the Appliance, but I've tried to create the Appliance and add the reference of the direct circuit and it works.

Does anyone know why there are so few References in bOS Alexa integration? (ON OFF, Door, Percentage, Target temperature, Thermometer reference). Is it a limitation from Amazon?

I'm looking to do something like "lower up the office shutter", instead of using percentage for example...

Well, my bad... it looks that Raise and Lower do actually work, so I can use them to control the shutters instead of using percentage :)

I've successfully created several Appliances in bOS, and Alexa is working ok with them.

Now I'm trying to create a Scene on the API, but with no sucess, Amazon Alexa App doesn't find the device.

I've created a Scene on bOS (called TV mode), which runs ok manually on bOS. Then I created a Scene on Alexa API and linked the Scene Reference to the bOS Scene, and searched for the device within the Alexa App, but it doesn't show up. Do you have any experience with that?


Please let me know how to integrate alexa in comfort click.


available references are defined by Smart Home API from Amazon. They might be adding more of the functionality in the future.

Scenes are not working because there is a bug. It will be fixed in the next release.

Thank you for letting us know about it.


Please let me know how to integrate alexa in comfort click.

Under review


feel free to join our webinar tomorrow at 10 o'clock (CEST) where the full alexa integration will be explained.


Dear Team,

I  want your Linux Software version.


the linux version of our Software is unavailable separately, it only comes pre-installed with our Jigsaw hardware.


Off-topic: may I ask about the performance of Jigsaw, let's say in a small / medium sized project with lots of logic functions, some remote KNX devices, etc? (As I know the based hardware and I'm a little concerned).

About Alexa, assuming that Scene Reference is not working, if anyone needs to use scenes with Alexa:

- Create a Boolean to use as a trigger (call it for example Night scene)

- Create a scene with your devices

- Add that Boolean as trigger to the Scene (in Value choose True, and don't forget to choose Allow retrigger option)

- Go to Alexa and create an Appliance, and use the Boolean trigger as a device

- Then you can say "Alexa, turn on night scene" for example

Tested and working...


I have Linux  PC

How would i install and work with boS?

Hello sir,

I have a Linux PC.
How would I install and work with boS

Vanathi M S

Unfortunately you can't...

Linux version of the server is only freely available for Microsoft Windows. For Linux is only available in their hardware (Jigsaw)

Hello Sir,
Is it possible to work comfort Click in Windows 10 iot..?

Vanathi M S


yes, it should work without any problem.


Thank you Sir.

May I know the installation procedure of comfort click in windows IoT..?

You can only install it on Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, not IoT Core.


hi, is it possible to change "Alexa turn on/off the "Blinds" to Alexa move down/up the "Blinds" ? also I need Alexa start the "Fireplace", instead of Alexa turn on the Fireplace :) on/off sounds very poor :)


using "down/up" and "start" is not supported by Smart Home Skill API, so it's not possible for us to add those words.

Dear Sirs, good afternoon!

I'm in need of help integrating my bOS devices with Amazon Alexa.

I have already performed all the necessary tasks as instructed on the ComfortClick website (www.comfortclick.com/alexa), but when I click to discover the devices within the Alexa settings, nothing is found! It's as if there is no Comfort Server in my network. However, Comfortclick is working perfectly (Client, Server, Configurator). Alexa is also up and running on my network perfectly.

What could be happening ??? Why do not the devices appear in the "Smart Home / Devices" section when I click on 'DISCOVER' ??? Nothing appears, nothing is found!

Thanks in advance for your attention, I am waiting for a return.


Mário Perón

Hello Mário Perón,

are you sure that your server is accessible via public IP?

Right now your server is offline and we cannot check it.