Paradox supported panel types

Paradox alarm systems feature reliable communication technology, flexible expansion and great-looking keypads, making for an ideal security system for any domestic or commercial installations.

bOS paradox device driver supports following Paradox panel types:

  • EVO48
  • EVO96
  • EVO192 (default)
  • DGP848
  • DGP-NE96

PRT3 module is required for communication with bOS Server. Panel should be connected to a free COM port of the controller running bOS Server via PRT3 module. Before creating the bOS configuration, the Paradox system should be programmed according to the manufacturer's instructions.

The correct COM Port and Panel Type settings should be entered for the Paradox node. The Paradox node contains two sub nodes(Partitions and Zones) which act as folders for partitions and zones. PIN should be entered, because it is required for most functions(Arm, Disarm, emergencies) available under the Functions tab.

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