Z-wave controller settings


  • Discovery - Starts the discovery process, displays all devices that were included into the controller and adds devices to Z-Wave node.
  • Inclusion - Including a new device (device must be in inclusion mode).
  • Exclusion - Excluding an existing device (device must be in exclusion mode).
  • Controller:
  • Network Heal: Network heal is a tool that can rebuild the Z-Wave controller routing table of the entire Z-Wave network. It instructs every Z-Wave device in your Z-Wave network to find other Z-Wave devices in their direct range and report the results back to the controller.
  • Remove Failed Node - Removes broken Z-wave device from the list.
  • Soft Reset - Reboots the z-wave controller. Useful if the controller freezes. No data will be lost.
  • Controller change: function that allows transferring currently learned and included devices in the current z-wave controller to change/move to another controller. This can either be USB to USB or USB to Colibri.
  • Learn mode: When moving the devices from one controller to another, first controller (which has all the devices) is under Controller change mode and the controller we’re moving the devices to is under Learning Mode.
  • Reset to Default - Resets the Z-Wave controller to factory defaults. All included devices will be erased from the Z-Wave controller! NOTE: Reset to default only resets the Z-Wave controller if you want to include devices back or to another controller, you need to Exclude them first.

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