Building settings

Building node panel displays following settings:

  • License: License settings are displaying the information about current server license. The license can be requested by clicking the Register button in the toolbar. The web browser is opened and the login page for is displayed. User must login to his ComfortClick web page user account. After the device is registered, the user must open the controller’s license page and click refresh to retrieve the license.

Image 4410

  • Updates: Updates settings contain information about system updates. Available updates can be installed by clicking on the Install button. The refresh button checks for available updates. Beta releases are also available in the updates window. To update the server to the latest beta version, users can switch between release and beta version under updates settings.

Image 3785

  • Network: Network settings enable changing of network settings on the server machine. The server machine should use static IP setting to avoid problems with connecting to the server from client devices.
  • Users can choose between wired and wireless connection. If users want wireless connection, wlan0 must be enabled in networking settings in order for wifi to scan the local wifi network. To enable wireless open networking settings in bos configurator, and switch between eth0 (wired) to wlan0 (wireless).

Image 4411

  • Wireless: Wireless settings allow user to connect their controller to their wireless network. Using the Scan button allows the controller to scan for nearby wireless networks, select the correct one from the list, enter login credentials and connect to the wireless network.

Image 4412