Http driver integration

Http driver in bOS is used for XML, JSON devices integration or web APIs. Any 3rd party app, device or protocol can be implemented into bOS using http driver, the device must of course have an open API, which means we're able to send/receive http commands.

To correctly connect to the integrated device, correct Host URL must be set. If the device requires authentication, fill in the Username and Password. Under Parsing option, select the correct encoding and parsing type, depending on the device integration. For the communication, Command node must be added into bOS. 

We can either use online API (ip address or dns of the online API) or local IP address of the device it'self that is sending data to bOS.

Image 4253

A step by step instructions, took from our online training explaining full integration of Foobot (air quality device). The video example shows integration with the device from start to finish, receiving data from the device, parsing values and using json online parsing tool for easier integration.

Youtube video